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couple photography

Is there anything more wonderful than the love between two people? No matter if you are freshly in love or you have been together for 40 years - I would be happy to join you with my camera on a walk in the forest or a picnic in the park to take beautiful photos of you.


You want engagement photos in the subway or breathtaking couple photos on a mountain top?

Great, I love ideas like this and would be really happy to hear from you!

a tailored shoot


photo selection

After our shoot I will provide you with a link to an online gallery. In this gallery you will find all the useable footage of our shoot (I will already sort out all unsharp photos, photos with closed eyes etc. for you). Simply choose all your favorite images and I will edit those for you.

You will be able to download all the final photos in full resolution through the same link you used for selecting the images. The prints will be send to you shortly after.


receiving the photos


If you wish I can provide you with a link to an online galery you would be able to share with friends and family. Just let me know.

online gallery

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