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I discovered my passion for photography when I was a teenager, and immediately 

realized that being a photographer was exactly what I wanted to do.

I started to teach myself the fundamentals and saved up all my money to buy my first DSLR. 16 years, hundreds of thousands of photos, and a bachelor's degree in photography later, I still love what I do as much as when I first started.

I was born and raised between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in the very North of Germany. Flensburg is my beautiful hometown - a medium-sized city right at the border to Denmark and, for many, the gateway to Scandinavia.

After finishing school, I needed a change of place and decided to spend one year in Canada. In 2015 I returned to Germany and moved to Berlin to study photography and pursue my career as a professional photographer.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree in photography, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine and permanently moved to another country.

In 2020 I moved to Sweden and spent the first three years in and around beautiful Stockholm. In early 2023 my fiancé and I bought a house close to Karlstad - Värmland is what I call home now.

Svea Landschoof

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