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portrait photography

A good portrait is worth its weight in gold. I aim to capture a person in the most authentic way and to make his or her character and entity visible in a photograph.

No matter if you always wanted to have a professional photoshoot just for fun, if you need a cover image for your new album, or you are in need of an outstanding application photo - write to me and we can start planning. Also, I am happy to advise you regarding locations or outfit choices!


You are not into uncreative run-of-the-mill photos? Neither am I. I think individuality and creativity are particularly important when it comes to such a personal occasion  like a portrait shoot. Do you want to take pictures at an extraordinary location or have other ideas? I would love to hear about them.

a tailored shoot

photo selection


After our shoot I will provide you with a link to an online gallery. In this gallery you will find all the useable footage of our shoot (I will already sort out all unsharp photos, photos with closed eyes etc. for you). Simply choose all your favorite images and I will edit those for you.


ou will be able to download all the final photos in full resolution through the same link you used for selecting the images. The prints will be send to you shortly after.

receiving the photos


If you wish I can provide you with a link to an online galery you would be able to share with friends and family. Just let me know.

online gallery

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